Managing Director, Arbinger Spain

Miriam is a mindset-change enthusiast who connected with Arbinger's ideas from the very first time she encountered the material. Miriam says that she used to treat people with arrogance, which distanced her from others when what she most needed was their warmth and kindness. When she first saw one of Arbinger’s training videos—about the Kansas City Police Department’s then-S.W.A.T team leader Chip Huth—she awakened to her own self-betrayal and its impact on those around her. After this revelation, she resolved to change her mindset and dove headfirst into applying outward mindset approaches in her own life and work.

Since then, her hands-on experience as a master facilitator and consultant for Arbinger Spain has only deepened her conviction in the power of shifting to an outward mindset, both as individuals and as organizations. And does she ever convey this passion in her speeches! She tells serious stories in a fun way, inviting the audience to consider how we all deceive ourselves and helping them open to the possibility of their own self-deception.

Miriam has a background in marketing and business management, with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and training. About 10 years ago, Miriam became a professional coach; she now combines training and consulting with coaching. She considers herself a coach that gently challenges coachees into overcoming self-doubt and pursuing their goals. In addition, she currently teaches marketing and management skills courses to masters-degree students from several business schools and universities.

Miriam holds a B.A. in management, marketing, and public relations from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She loves walking for hours with her dog and lives on a beautiful volcanic island in the Canary Islands archipelago.